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Wilko slow cooker review

Slow cooker recipes are an ideal choice for busy family mealtimes. Read our review of this budget-friendly appliance from high street brand, Wilko, to see how it stood up to the test.

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Wilko 6-litre slow cooker

Pros: bargain price, family-friendly size
Cons: high setting is fiercely hot

Star rating: 3.5/5

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This good looking 6-litre slow cooker from Wilko is a family-sized appliance with a bargain pricetag.

The generous size will cook food for six or more people and is excellent for those who like to batch cook.

It’s not the most robust when compared to the other 春秋彩票:slow cookers we tested, but neither is it flimsy. It stood up easily to the rigours of the kitchen, while testing and cleaning both the outer and inner pot was straight forward. Wilko tell you to wash it by hand, but we can’t see any reason why the ceramic inner pot would suffer in the dishwasher. We especially liked the solid, sturdy handles which made it easy to carry.

Beware using this round children, as the outside shell got exceptionally hot whilst in use.

We cooked a 春秋彩票:beef stew on the high setting, which was fierce and caused vigorous bubbling. The meat was tough and had shrunk considerably, and the gravy less glossy than in other tests. We left the stew to cool and this did improve the beef.

We repeated the beef stew on the low setting. It was faultless, with soft, falling apart meat and a thick, shiny gravy.

A 春秋彩票:chicken curry recipe fared much better. The meat was tender and perfectly cooked, the sauce delicious and a lovely consistency.

If you’re willing to experiment with the heat settings, this slow cooker is great value for money.

Type: regular slow cooker
Capacity: 6-litre
Size: 30 x 25.6 x 42 cm
Settings: low, high, warm
Functions: power indicator light
Pot: black glazed ceramic
Lid: glass
Guarantee: 2 years
Dishwasher: no
Oven and hob friendly: no
Instruction manual: yes
Recipes: no

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