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10 unusual wine glasses to add to your collection

Read our round-up of the best unique wine glasses that will look great on your table and add character to your collection.

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Wine in the right wine glass not only looks and smells fantastic, but enhances the whole experience of drinking your favourite bottle of plonk.

The traditional wine glass features a base, stem and rounded bowl in which wine settles and is allowed to breath. But unless you’re a strict aficionado, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a quirky design or deliciously unusual wine glass to your collection, that gives similar aroma-enhancing features.

Stemless wine glasses can possess that same bowl shape but reduce the risk factor that comes with having tall, fragile glasses. They can also seamlessly double up as elegant water glasses.

In this guide we’ve found a collection of stemless and stemmed wine glasses that will add some individuality to the cabinet.

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Unique and unusual wine glasses to buy online 

LSA International clear tumblers – set of four

These are a simple and well priced set of thin-walled tumblers that are stackable for easy storage and would double up as water glasses equally well.

Available from:

ANNA + NINA Bachus wine glass

We love the tinted rims and roots of these thin-stemmed wine glasses, not only giving them life, but on a practical note, making it simpler for people to know who’s glass is who’s at a party.

Oliver Bonas Lina blue wine glasses – set of four

These two-tone glasses would brighten and bring some texture to your table, featuring blue stems and bases. They also come in a nice box, ideal for gifting.

HAY tinted tumblers – set of two

Quietly unique, HAY’s thin rimmed tumblers are made of borosilicate glass and bring simple elegance to their overall functionality. We like these a lot.

Riedel O Pinot / Nebbiolo wine glasses – set of two

Being a strong material, crystal glasses can often have thinner rims than those made of glass. These large stemless wine glasses by Rieldel are the right shape to allow reds to breathe. They’re also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Tourbillon aerating stemless wine tumblers – set of two

The curves in these tumblers not only give them a unique appearance but allow your wine to breathe whilst it flows down the inside. They also act as grips for easy drinking.

Habitat Aubin stemless wine glasses – set of four

This set is not only well-priced, but the glasses are a great shape for swirling both reds and whites.

Anthropologie Fiorella stemless wine glass

Decorated with intricate florals and climbing vines, this stemless wine glass is as decorative as it is functional.

Imperial stemless wine glasses – set of six

Another great set for the summer, these funky patterned wine glasses are stackable, dishwasher-safe and would bring a pop of colour to your dinner table.

Maxwell Williams vino stemless wine glasses – set of six

A contemporary take on the traditional wine glass, these glasses combine the classic bowl curves and narrow rim with a stable, stemless base.

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