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Breville DuraCeramic waffle maker review

Thinking of investing in a machine to make your own waffles at home? Read our review of the mid-range Breville waffle maker – does it match up to the reputation of its famous toastie maker?

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Breville DuraCeramic waffle maker

Pros: DuraCeramic coating, even colouring, cord storage, good texture and colour
Cons: some squashing of waffle

Overall rating 4.5/5

Of the 春秋彩票:machines we tested, the produced the most evenly coloured golden crust. It makes two deep rectangular waffles at a time. We liked the waffle size of 10 x 11cm – a decent portion without being overwhelming.

The machine itself is a neat, compact rectangle with a small footprint. In testing we found the maker worked best with thicker batters – too thin and the waffles tended to squash a bit along the hinged edge.

With the right thickness of batter, however, the waffle depth was even. The waffles had a pleasantly light texture with a decent crunch to the exterior.

Breville’s main point of difference is that it has a DuraCeramic coating on the waffle plates, which is PTFE and PFOA free. It’s meant to heat and cook up to 20% faster than other non-stick surfaces, be scratch resistant and be four times more durable. Outside of a laboratory setting these specifications are impossible to trial, but the DuraCeramic did stand up well to our cooking tests.

We sprayed the preheated waffle plates with a little oil before adding the batter and the cooked waffles were very easy to remove. The waffles took 5-7 minutes to cook on average.

As with all non-stick coatings, the DuraCeramic needs gentle handling which means using non-metal implements and a soft cloth for cleaning. After several rounds of cooking and washing, we were impressed by the durability of the surface.

There is a clip on the handle of the machine. The manual advises that during cooking the clip should be left unlatched to give the batter space to rise. This works – as the waffles cook they push the lid up slightly, which in turn allows some steam to escape from the edges. Steam removal is necessary to avoid a soggy crust.

In the promotional material this is described as a ‘waffle rise clip system’. We found this description a bit confusing since it requires the user to remember to leave the lid unlocked, rather than being a special integrated system or feature of the machine.

The handle clip is useful, however, if you want to store the maker upright in a cupboard as it stops the plates opening up like a book.

One minor aesthetic consideration is that the waffle plates have a small circular indent on top of each rectangular ridge. These don’t seem to have a negative effect on the cooking, but they do leave little round marks on the finished waffles.

Though the top of the machine gets hot during cooking, the handle and sides stay cool. The removable plates are not dishwasher safe but spaces between the ridges are large and easy to clean. The exterior is straightforward to wipe down and the patterning on the stainless steel top means it’s less liable to show fingerprints.

There is a helpful cable tidy on the underside and wide non-slip feet. The manual includes five recipe suggestions, including a chocolate-flavoured batter and ‘falafewaffles’.


Removable plates: yes
Size 27 x 24 x 9cm
Weight: 2.43kg
Indicator lights: yes – ‘power’ and ‘ready to cook’
Waffle size: 10 x 11cm
Dishwasher safe parts: no
Wattage: 850W

Breville waffle maker with cooked waffles and cream

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