How to make play dough

Best activities for kids

Keep the kids entertained with our budget-friendly foodie activities, baking recipes and kitchen cupboard projects that are easy enough for tiny hands

Whether it’s the Christmas holidays or just a rainy Sunday afternoon, we have plenty of fun crafts, super simple bakes and pocket-friendly projects for kids to get stuck into. Our easy kids’ cooking recipes are perfect for practising those essential kitchen skills and expressing their creativity along the way. Try making some 春秋彩票:easy biscuits or baking up a picture-perfect 春秋彩票:rainbow pizza.


How to make playdough

Did you know you can 春秋彩票:make playdough at home with everyday ingredients from your kitchen cupboards? Try this thrifty craft activity on a rainy afternoon &ndash kids can play with their creations straight away so no temper tantrums or waiting around. Watch our simple step-by-step video to see our simple recipe being made.

How to make salt dough

Make our 春秋彩票:simple salt dough and give the kids a chance to crack out their paints and paintbrushes. You can mould this dough into any shape you like, and kids can enjoy hours of painting their very own masterpieces. Try creating our fun sprinkled ‘cupcakes’ and bake up colourful ornaments, or go wild with your own ideas. We find that simple designs work the best.

How to make paper mache

Prepare to get messy with our 春秋彩票:easy paper mache recipe and step-by-step guide. Our simple video tutorial makes this project a breeze – just make sure you put down plenty of newspaper before you start. Get stuck into this fun weekend activity with just three ingredients, and dream up your own daring designs.

Top 5 easy bakes for kids

Bake up a storm with our colourful biscuits, easy sponge cakes and chocolate chip muffins. Our 春秋彩票:top 5 easy bakes for kids are recipes the whole family will enjoy tucking into. Little sticky fingers won’t be able to resist sneaking a bite of their culinary exploits, and parents won’t either!

Our top Kids’ YouTube videos

Discover our most creative 春秋彩票:YouTube recipes for kids, complete with exploding volcano cake and candy sushi. Get the kids crafting their own Sticky Stick biscuits from Hey Duggee, or swirling unicorn poo meringues as a sparkly sweet treat. Grab your aprons, a couple of wooden spoons and your decorating kit.

Top 5 cupcakes to make with kids

Our 春秋彩票:top 5 cupcakes for kids are a fun, colourful way to teach children to bake. From decorating ice cream cone cakes to learning about the lunar cycle with galactic cupcakes, they’ll love making these beautiful bite-sized treats. Children can master the basic techniques of weighing out ingredients, cracking eggs and baking their desserts with our easy sweet recipes.

Our top 5 savoury recipes for kids

Get your kids excited about cooking with our 春秋彩票:simple savoury meal ideas. Choose from rainbow pizza, a simple tomato pasta dish, chicken fajitas with all the toppings, hidden veg meatballs or fish supper parcels. These recipes are a great way of introducing new ingredients, flavours and textures while learning new skills.

How to host a sports day

Plan a school-style sports day with our fun games and edible prizes! Have some quick refreshments, munchable medals and cooling ice lollies at the ready, then let the games begin. Get the kids out in the fresh air and enjoying your very own mini-Olympics. It’s a great idea for birthday parties or end-of-term celebrations.

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